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Maarit Murka in Sovereign European Art Prize 2010, Barbican Center, London, UK, 9- 20.06.2010


The Sovereign European Art Prize was launched on 7 April 2005 at London’s Hayward Gallery, South Bank Centre. The development of the European Prize aims to build on the success of the Foundation’s Asian Prize that was launched in 2003.

The European art prize runs on the same format as the Asian prize. Artists are invited to enter by sending through a digital photograph of their entry and these are judged by a panel of art experts and professionals who will select the best 30 entries. The Prize exhibition (featuring the work of the 30 short listed artists) will be held at a major London space later this year during which the first prize will be awarded. Also there will be a special prize voted for solely by the public who may cast their votes at the exhibition or on-line.

Childhood as first period of our short lives, leave a mark to each and every ones of our lives. Either it’s positive or negative. My childhood was more the second version. As during soviet times many good men, including my father, gave their hand to the (as we say in Estonian) „Vodka- devil“the memories on constant fighting inside my family and drinking has done its work to my present time as well. I`m not trying to cry that I had a poor childhood and my father hasn`t most of his life seen a sober day, but that the problem has a very big scale- many of my friends and colleagues experience the same problem. For this reason the series I present here are objectively representing the times we had and have. Also the fact that many of us have forgotten the 14th of June as Deportation memorizing day- thousands of lives were ended similar to Holocaust, when our ancestors were taken to Siberia and nowadays I found my friends and family celebrating on 14th of July. Who the fuck does that? Me? You?