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Maarit Murka participating International Guerilla Video Festival in Dublin

Maarit Murka participating International Guerilla Video Festival in Dublin

19-20 February
Time 5:00-10:00pm
Various sites see http://www.igvfest.com for details
In association with Open Spaces, a Dublin City Council initiative
The International Guerrilla Video Festival (IGVFest) is a mobile exhibition of video art that will be held 19-20 February in three unique areas of the Dublin: Talbot Street and Parnell Street (19 February), Rathmines (20 February). Using a converted rickshaw, the moving festival navigates the city stopping to project films directly on to buildings, monuments and temporary structures, illuminating the urban landscape with videos from over 50 artists.

The traveling festival has previously been held in Florence and Milan, the 2009 Dublin edition of the exhibition is part of the program of Open Spaces, a Dublin City Council Arts Initiative. Open Spaces is a unique series of partnered events, talks and critical response through which Dublin City Council aims to stimulate dialogue, inspire new thought and suggest creative partnerships to support artists engagement with Dublin’s open spaces. Open Spaces seeks to explore the possibilities of
innovative contemporary arts practice in the city. More information can be found at www.dublincity.ie/RecreationandCulture.

Alessandra Arnó
Fred Adam & Veronica Perales
Ismail Bahri
Olive Barrett & Louise Marlborough
Fletcher Boote
Michal Brezeziński
Mark Clare
Patrick Corcoran
Sergio Cruz
Antóin Doyle
Sarah Evans
Fan Liu
Áire Ní Fhaoláin
Roch Forowicz
Raquel Friera
Cristina Garrido & Nuria Guell
Shimrit Golan, Mihai Grecu
Sandra Isacson
Stephan Koeperl & Sylvia Winkler
Jay Koh
Tatjana de Luxe
Eva Marosy-Weide
Sinéad Mc Cann & Naomi Sex
Conor McGarrigle
Katia Meneghini, Valentina Vetturi & Vera Uberti
Wrik Mead
Julie Meyer
Maarit Murka
Niall O’Connor
Kelly O’Connor
Jean-Gabriel Périot
El Plan
Tim Portlock
Jaime Quinto
Romain Sein
Mehrdad Shikhan
Stefan Riebel
Marike Schuurman
Tracy Staunton
Seán Taylor
Hui-Ying Tsai
Anan Tzuckerman
Winstan Whitter
Zorka Wollny
OOZOOS (Nicky Seok H. Won, Jua Kwon, Eun Hye Chae)