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Maarit Murka selected for Sleepwalkers Festival programme in Tallinn, Nov 2009

Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers
November 12-15, 2009 in Kinomaja and Von Krahl Theatre

10th Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers is the only international student film festival in Estonia, bringing together the freshest student films and ideas from around the world. Throughout ten years, Sleepwalkers has been bringing together young filmmakers and audiences from Estonia and rest of the world. It is also quite remarkable, that Sleepwalkers has been gaining notoriety around the world very fast – this year over 600 shorts were submitted for the competition programme. Films coming from as far as Chile, Japan, South-Africa and close as Finland, Latvia, Russia.

Student film themes will probably remain the same until the end of the times – telling stories of love, death, agonies of life and relationships are close to heart for most young filmmakers at certain age. Yet these topics function as filters to the world surrounding us and go further through the most actual topics of our society. Nearly every film that has been selected to the competition programme, will somehow touch or hurt, make one laugh or feel as if a sudden punch to the stomach. A wish to say something through audiovisual form has been boldly poured together through kicks of personality, experience, feelings, subjectivity and capability to analyze.

This year, Sleepwalkers is happy to introduce not only the latest student films from around the world, but also a selection of professional short films, Portuguese short films and Europe’s best short films of the year. European Film Academy’s short films programme gathers together the most outstanding works in European short film scenery. Of the nominees, Europe’s best short film will be picked at the European Film Academy awards gala in December. Sleepwalkers is honored to be one of the few film festivals to be screening the nominees programme in Tallinn.

Ten years is a dignified number for a film festival. I reckon, that the former, present and future Sleepwalkers’ organizers and visitors are eager to see the years, when Sleepwalkers will reach its wild teenager and later tough middle-age crises years.

Rež/Dir: Maarit Murka, Tanel Teemusk
„Taste” is connected with the painting called „Taste”. Maarit Murka is testing the fact if physically and chemically licking your creation can damage or improve the creator.
Prod/Prod: Maarit Murka
Op/DoP: Tanel Teemusk
Tootja/Production: Maarit Murka, Tanel Teemusk
Keel/Language: –
Maarit Murka finished the Estonian Academy of Arts in painting in 2004 and then entered the Academy of Fine Arts of Helsinki to get a MA degree in painting. In 2009 Maarit entered the Baltic Film and Media School for the MA course in screenplay writing.