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2009 – 5 minute kiss (video project)

“5 minute kiss”
by Maarit Murka 2009 in Soo Soo gallery

This video is the extension of the project “5 minute handshake” (below). The video “5 minute kiss” (4`05“) is based on concept of time. Again artist is trying through series of experiments to test how humans sense the time with its limits (time units). Two characters are standing in a neutral environment and the task for them is to kiss during five minutes of period. They have to sense themselves the limit of five minutes, but after carrying on the test for several times, the time limit always was couple of minutes after or before the limit. Which also puts us against very strange fact- why can’t the people without clock know the correct time? If time is constantly ruling our lives and constantly are we involved with our everyday tasks with it, why people tend to exceed the time limit?

One answer can be that new generation is pushing the limits of time, is trying to achieve more and more and often we get caught again in “the circle” of life, which is being stressed and limited every step of the way. As one politician once said- “our clocks determine our mortality” it is true- without knowledge of minutes, hours, days, months etc we would be in our mind immortals, but as we know the time frames which are put on our lives, we are constantly being drawn into a circle of life with its start and the ending.

Also the erotical background theme of the video puts the time in new perspective- is clearly visible the aggression of male role player than female. Which brings up also another question- are male figures more aggressive than females in our world? Answer to that question has been searched from beginning of time, I do think it will be solved in near future…