Agora Gallery press release (2008-12-22)

Agora Gallery press release 2008-12-22

The emotionally charged works of Estonian painter Maarit Murka are a subterranean look into one artist’s conception of the world. Completed in oil on canvas with a stark palette, Murka peers into the void and comes forth with resonating perspectives illustrated by masked protagonists, symbols of political obstruction and the individual’s awareness of mortality. The paintings are beautifully executed, predominantly in grayscale with areas of muted color that convey a specific meaning, or focus the viewer’s attention to a particular idea. The depravation of color only heightens one’s awareness in a harsh world and the need to explore the truth behind appearances in order to grasp any semblance of reality. Gradations of light and dark add to the dramatic feel of her work and the subjects are so intense that it is hard to look away.

Murka’s paintings have been featured in several solo exhibitions, including an exceptional show in Paris that highlighted the artist’s post-Soviet roots. She works out of several studios in Iceland, Germany and France.

By Joyce Asper
PR- coordinator
Agora- Gallery, New- york, USA