„I`m an artist from post-soviet country?” (2008-12-08)

„I`m an artist from post-soviet country?” 2008-12-08

Relationship between soviet and modern Estonia has been very tense after fall of the Soviet Union. Effects of soviet influences will be also dictating the future of modern art in Estonia, at least for couple of decades in one, or another way. For me the soviet time had a positive effect, as that time it was representing for a child a society where the rules were respected and there was not much to worry about for a child.

But still I remember something. As mentioned before, the past will always be following us and we cannot deny the history. Some remember the time with positive mood, some completely opposite. Estonia with its small size, was, is and will represent a small country near the Baltic Sea. But as to grasp a look more globally- in art there are no borders. Politicians love to draw borders such as European Union and Shengen area, but in general terms art mustn`t and cannot be suppressed by any limitations. All around the world people are living their lives, doing their work, artists are doing art?

As for the soviet time and post-soviet time, in every culture the past is influencing the future, but it depends of the nation’s personality whether it will be knowledged and accepted or will suppress the people in their everyday lives. As for what goes for me- I have not considered myself as a so much of an Estonian, but as person in world. The globalizing process has already united most of the continents together, the cultures are mixed and art is mixed from different nation. Japanese are big fans of American culture; Americans are interested in the culture of the land of the rising sun. So it doesn`t matter so much if you are living in Estonia, Russia or America, as long as You don’t forget history and ancestors and You keep Your mind set in a futuristic theme, then Art can be giving so much to different people in different locations and can be a uniting image of the future world.

Maarit Murka