Maarit Murka in Draakon gallery (2007-12-11)

Maarit Murka in Draakon gallery 2007-12-11

Probably many of us have among the events that have taken place in our life, pictured themselves in the role of a by-stander, wishing to have total control and overall overview of what’s happening. I don’t know how many of us have in the list of these events, where they would like to be the head organizer of, their own funeral, but just the organizing side and stage arrangement of such an event that follows certain customs and rules, should according to Murka be fixed beforehand. And probably she is not wrong. Thus the opened installation can be looked upon as a set of people and emotions, a stage rehearsal to a parting that will take place in the distant future or a funeral ceremony that has been preformed in advance to enable the annual rebirth.

Elin Kard, 2007 (regarding the exhibition “The New Beginning” in Dragon gallery)