The truth is out there (2005-09-16)

The truth is out there 2005-09-16

The project called „The truth is out there“ is an exchibition in Vaal gallery in Tallinn during time period: 1. november 2005- 12. november 2005. On one side it is the graduating work in study of master. On the other hand, which is more important, is first big public exhibition in front of Estonian audience, the first solo- exhibition in Tallinn.

Generally you can say that it is an installation. There are paintings to be shown, a video and connecting these two together the interior designing.

For some reasons there is an apprehensive attitude in modern art in Estonia. The old and classical is being approved and praised. I, on the other hand, believe, that if you show and explain to the audience what is what, and for what reasons the artist expressed himself/herself the way he/ she did, the modern art will soon become a part of our everyday life.

Nothing is done for no reason, behind all, there is an idea, a feeling and a way of seeing the world surrounding us. An artist, who sometimes is more delicate to the surrounding and is capable of forwarding it, is a good indicator for all of us. An artist is like a spunge, who sucks it all in itself, whatever is going on around us, it effects the artist- prices going higher, EU, the starvation in Africa, flooding in America and so on. This specific project is like a question- is this, what is happening around us and what we think is the truth and what we have inserted in our minds and are sure of ourselves that it is the truth, is it really what we think it is?

Or cant we believe everything for sure and we should stop in front of every detail and knowledge and to justify what it exactly is, perhaps trust our instincts?. The knowledge known for years are turning to lies, world is changeing and developing on its own furor. Can we trust our eyes, is what we see, what we see, or is it the knowledge of it what we are believing what we are seeing? At this point there is a good example of students, who already have studied art some time, they have picked up certain skills and these are in their subconsciousness. If a portrait is being drawn, in many cases are relied on subconsciousness, because in general plan it is known how a mans face looks like. But does the specific face look like it does is not certain. For that reason, it is good to forget their knowledge and approach everything from an empty paper, without concrete methods studied, objects should be approached in an abstract ways, also realistic objects.
The purpose of the exhibition is to propound these questions, because all the time a question mark is in the air. Of course its easier to look beside things and to trust your knowledge. The truth is out there- what does it excactly mean. Where is it. During this project everday rhythm will be broken down. The audience is temperorarily cut away from the reality and will be transferred to another, where its minds will be played with, to shake and to wake it up from its sleepy reality. Not to limit the whole thing in exchibition hall, it will move out from there. Bigger open kick- off on opening day on 1 november will be outside. It is also in plan to spoil the traditional already too rutine opening schedule of exchibition. Opening will be transferred outside, where are located barrels with fires, outdoorcandles, chosen music, all in harmony with storyline.
For those 12 days, is planned an intensive and shakeing exhibition, which would also be so to speak first and more public performing and stepping into Estonian art- life.

Maarit Murka